At The Diner: Backpacks For The Future: Kids looking at a school bus with oversized backpacks First Round: Kids boxing with oversized boxing gloves
First Up: Kid at bat with a speeding ball approaching I Want One Of Those: Kids in front of a school looking at the crutches and plastered foot Scary Stories: Kids at a campfire at night
Why Do They Call Them Doggies: Kids looking at cows Who Is Going To Pull Us: Two kids in a Radio Flyer wagon Which Legs Are Yours: Kids looking for moms legs
We Have No Pants: Two kids looking at each other and wondering why they have no pants Height Anxiety: Kids looking at large measuring board to see if they can ride the amusement rides at the fair Hoop Dreams: Two kids looking at the basketball hoop and wondering how they will get the ball that high Where Do you Live: Two kids looking at multistory buildings in a big city Reaching For Our Floor: Kids trying to reach the button for their floor in an elevator
Click on an image to the left for a larger display. At The Diner: Kids at a 50's diner
At The Diner

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